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Leadership Development at Top Cancer Center 

Organization – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City

Issue – High potential staff retention and executive level position preparation. Need to reduce the number of high potential employees leaving the organization and increase ability of high potentials to handle executive positions in 5–10 years.

Outcome – 65% of program participants garnered promotions after their participation in the program. Additionally, results included a $4.6 million increase in revenue and a savings of several million dollars in potential lawsuits. Overall, there were noticeable increases in lateral or internal promotions, increases in staff longevity, inter-departmental camaraderie, and more employee initiative.

Process – Designed and developed the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Leadership Development Program – a year long interdepartmental leadership program for high potential employees, including physicians, nurses, and administrative staff. The Human Element was the core of the year-long experiential program which included training, coaching, mentoring and action learning.

Consultant/Company – internal organizational development specialists and Ethan Schutz, Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner™

Country – U.S.A.

…an amazing creation. You started with a scientific approach that was far outside the mainstream. You introduce levels of honesty and integrity that had never before been seen in American management. I have consulted with many major corporations, most involved in long series of management fads, year after years. You have never been a fad. You have been outside the fickle mainstream and built a loyal client based and a thriving business.

Michael Phillips Author and Founder of MasterCard

Improving Patient Satisfaction at a Large Specialty Hospital in New York City

Organization – A large specialty hospital in New York City

Issue – Patient satisfaction, as measured by one of the top two satisfaction measurement companies in healthcare, was below standards in the area of “person cleaning the [patient] room” (Environmental Services personnel). Patient satisfaction scores were tied to performance evaluation for managers. Efforts to make all equipment silent, reduce intrusions, etc. had no impact on scores.

Outcome – Patient satisfaction numbers increased following initial training to acceptable measures (90th+ percentile of similar hospitals) and remained at or above acceptable levels for over ten years following the start of the project. Other departments within the hospital considered using the same interventions.

graph showing increase in patient satisfaction

Process – Two-day plus one follow-up day training based on The Human Element in Customer Service for all Environmental Services personnel including all managers, followed initially by monthly all-team meetings and follow up training. Later, a three-day program was instituted along with a one-day refresher program was offered six months following the training program. All new employees entering the department receive the training and join the monthly meetings.

Consultant/Company – internal organizational development specialists

Country – U.S.A.

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A National Leader in Mental Health Care Aligns For Growth and Service 

Organization – Mental Health Center of Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Issue – The Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) needed to develop organization wide alignment and the discipline to assure the delivery of services “to every person in need.”

Outcome – By using the True Alignment framework, MHCD improved its focus on its mission, clearly defined its purpose and created an aligned longer-term vision. They developed a comprehensive training and coaching program for the development of strategically aligned leadership throughout the organization. They opened new facilities, including the innovative Center for Neuropsychiatry and a permanent supportive housing project. Additional achievements include:

  • The ability to service a larger population. In eight years, MHCD grew to provide services to over 46,000 children, families, and adults and up from 15,400.
  • Numerous awards, including the Top Place to Work award for four consecutive years. An Employee Well-Being program increased delivery of its mission to employees.
  • Income grew over 54%, a result of the alignment of community and government entities to a mission and culture they identify with.

Intervention – This multiple year consultation included the assessment of brand intention and culture, and interventions to align the organization’s vision, strategies, and culture at the Board and executive level. As a result, for over a decade, MHCD embedded and developed its discipline of alignment at all levels of the organization.

Consultant/Company – Edgar Papke and The True Alignment Company

Country – U.S.A.