The Human Element®

A holistic and comprehensive methodology for maximizing the potential of your people.

And getting results.

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“Can’t You See I’m Busy Being Miserable?”

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The Human Element delivers results for clients.

International IT Company growth rate from 2006-2014
Savings of one of the world's largest oil companies
Increase in call center sales at a top U.S. cell phone company
Patient satisfaction from one of the top cancer hospitals in the U.S.

Free of the simplistic gimmickry of so many of the current training fads, Schutz’s The Human Element manages for the first time to introduce the significant, key dimensions that will make the greatest difference in effective operations of all organizations. A true breakthrough.

Warren Bennis, Author and Ph.D. Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California

Success is based on investing in your product, process, and your people.

The Human Element uniquely combines experiential, adult learning with scientifically validated psychometric instruments to achieve one goal:

Business results

Discover how The Human Element® transforms organizations