True Alignment

Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results

Aligning Your Strategy, Culture, and Leadership to Your Customer

Alignment is the single most critical business challenge for any organization and its leaders. Without it, inefficiency, conflict, and disengagement will cripple your ability to provide value to your customers. 

Identify key strategic initiatives

Organizational, team and leadership actions

Team development, communication and conflict management skills

Personal alignment

What you can expect

The approach offers the opportunity for you to examine your business challenges in the sessions, create alignment strategies, and plan the changes and strategic initiatives needed to improve your alignment and your business results. With a focus on measurable outcomes, each person learns about the key characteristics of aligned organizations and teams, and how to apply our unique and pre-eminent system for creating alignment effectively.

True Alignment usually begins with a training session, followed by consulting and coaching with your team to apply the approach to your specific situation. The training ranges from three hours to two days in length and the content and process are aligned to your goals and outcomes, available time, and audience size, and makeup.

Define your culture

True Alignment uses FIRO theory to reveal how to:

  • decipher customer expectations;
  • define the brand as a solution to the customer’s needs;
  • turn the unique selling proposition into the mission;
  • and, create a company where everyone is aligned to this vision – and responsible for living the brand promise.

Whether you’re a manager, a business owner, an executive, or CEO, True Alignment is an essential resource that will help you compete and succeed in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment.

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Edgar Papke

Author | Speaker

Edgar Papke is a student and teacher of leadership, conflict, and the human art of business. He is a globally recognized, award-winning speaker and author who is known for his authenticity and innovative approaches. He writes and speaks extensively about leadership and how leaders, teams, and organizations leverage conflict to achieve higher levels of success. He is the author of TRUE ALIGNMENT, his book that explores the human motivations of business and the alignment of the customer, brand intention, culture, and leadership. His new book, THE ELEPHANT IN THE BOARDROOM, is scheduled for release in September 2015.

Since 1989, Edgar has focused his work on the study of leadership, human motivation, and the natural role of conflict on our global business society. He coaches and consults with leaders and teams in a wide range of industries and institutions. Edgar delivers keynote speeches and lectures to audiences worldwide and was recognized as the 2013 Impact Speaker of the Year and 2006 International Speaker of the Year by Vistage, the world’s largest CEO network of over 19,000 members.


Edgar Papke is a globally recognized executive coach, award-winning speaker, and best-selling author. He is the founder and author of True Alignment, providing a preeminent framework for aligning customer experience with brand, culture, and leadership. His newest book, The Elephant In The Boardroom, explores how leaders use and manage conflict to achieve greater levels of success.