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Building Essential Collaborative Skills

Get your workplace forging ahead and effectively utilizing resources.Ever see red? It’s called being defensive and turns out that it is the single greatest inhibitor to true collaboration. Jim Tamm, co-creator of Radical Collaboration shares years of experience in getting out of the “red zone” and cultivating a “green zone” attitude.

Increased Teamwork

Greater Trust

Collaborative Skills

Working more Efficiently

The Radical Collaboration Program

Collaboration requires both a skill-set and a mind-set, both of which can be learned. Radical Collaboration® has a proven track record for doing exactly that; teaching employees and organizations to become more effective. The Radical Collaboration program is a highly interactive training focusing on five essential skills that are essential to building and maintaining climates of trust and collaboration within organizations. These five skills can be easily learned, practiced and make a big difference to any organization in a very short period of time.

This fast paced, hands-on learning experience will increase trust and problem solving within the organization and reduce costly defensive behaviors. It offers practical skills that are immediately useful and quickly implemented. Because the training is interactive and the tools are very practical the program is ideal for a wide range of settings and educational levels. It is effective for groups ranging from custodians to college presidents.

Become a Licensed Practitioner

Five Essential Skills


    Collaborative Intention

    Focusing on mutual gains in relationships



    Creating environments where people feel safe enough to tell the truth



    People taking responsibility for their role in any situation as well as the intended and unintended consequences of their action or inaction


    Awareness of Self and Others

    Staying non-defensive and willing to explore difficult interpersonal issues in order to solve problems


    Problem-Solving and Negotiation

    Negotiating conflicts in a way that builds relationships rather than undermines them

Collaborative Skills Climate Survey™

The TLT Collaborative Skills Climate Survey™ can diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of collaborative skills within your organization. The survey measures five skills found to be essential in building and maintaining collaborative environments and relationships.


Jim Tamm

Owner, Radical Collaboration Group

Jim Tamm is a former judge and an expert in building collaborative workplace environments, with 40 years of experience in the field of alliance building and conflict resolution. As a Senior Administrative Law Judge for the State of California for 25 years, Jim mediated more than 1,000 employment disputes.


Ron Luyet

Co-founder, Green Zone Culture Group

Ron Luyet is co-founder of The Green Zone Culture Group whose consulting practice focuses on building collaborative work environments and he is a Senior Global Consultant with Business Consultants Inc. of Japan. He is also co-creator of the Radical Collaboration partnership building training program offered in countries around the globe.


”Radical Collaboration is a guide for individuals and organizations wishing to become more skillful at collaborative relationships.”