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Working on Purpose

The Implicit Career Search is a unique approach to career exploration and planning that is based on the idea that each of us has a unique contribution to make to our world.

Based on the idea that successful careers stem from each person’s clarity of purpose, the Implicit Career Search provides individuals and organizations an opportunity to examine how the individual’s work purpose aligns with the company’s mission.

The Aims of the Implicit Career Search

The first part of the approach begins by helping people increase understanding of how and why they behave as they do, why they sometimes have trouble working with and being with others, and how to use their full energies to achieve the goals they have defined for themselves most effectively. This leads to the development of a Personal Mission Statement: a declaration of the person they intend to be. It defines how each person will relate to themselves, to others, to their work, and specifies what each person will accomplish and experience in his or her life.

In the second part, each person uses the Career Development Spectrum to assist in planning their careers through five different stages, and completing a Career Development Profile that outlines the vision, implementation and contingency planning necessary to achieve the career goals. The result is a comprehensive plan for delivering the individual contribution that each person is highly committed to achieve.

The Implicit Career Search is used to:



    Help people decide upon a career path (e.g., high school/university students)



    Change or further develop careers of managers striving to become leaders and leaders wanting to become experts



    Increase motivation with current employees



    Improve/augment organizational training programs



    Assist in transition from school to work, one type of work to another, or work to retirement


The Implicit Career Search consists of six modules. The first five are designed to prepare the career plan to be written in the final module.
Can be delivered as a workshop or coaching series.

Decision Making

  • Increasing self-awareness around career decisions
  • Identifying conscious and unconscious payoffs for previous decisions
  • Identifying previous career motivators
  • Increasing personal responsibility

Personal Development

  • Three basic behavioral areas common to all people (FIRO Theory)
  • How behaviors affect individual effectiveness
  • Identifying and removing blocks to personal effectiveness
  • Developing action plans for making essence-based (authentic) decisions

Personal Definition

  • Defining the person you intend to be, before deciding what work you will do.
  • Defining how your work will integrate with other areas of your life such as: relationships, money, recreation, family, etc.
  • Creating a clear vision for your future self

Career Definition

  • Writing a Work Purpose Statement, a declaration of the contribution you will make to the world through your work
  • Developing a foundation for your career plan

Career Development

  • Developing the work purpose through five stages of career development (the Career Development Spectrum)
  • Identifying the skills required to deliver the work purpose
  • Determining how to sell those skills
  • Moving the career to the higher levels — Leader, Expert, Creator

Strategic Career Planning

  • Identifying the vision stages — education, mentoring, promotion, employment, etc. — for your career
  • Developing implementation steps to accomplish those vision stages
  • Preparing contingency plans for the implementation steps

Become a Licensed Practitioner

Steve Miller

Partner and Senior Facilitator | Creator of The Implicit Career Search

Steve Miller has been at the forefront of the career-development field since 1987.His collaboration with Dr. Will Schutz in the early nineties helped him to develop ‘The Implicit Career Search’, a career planning approach designed to give each participant the opportunity to define and develop a career based on contribution and purpose.

Miller is the President of Imex Strategies Ltd. an international company that develops and provides workshops and coaching in career planning and development to individuals, companies and government programs in Canada, the US, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Mexico and France.


Imex Strategies is the home of The Implicit Career Search® an internationally recognized career planning and development program created by Imex President, Steve Miller. The goal of all Imex programs is to transform the implicit potential of individuals and groups into explicit results. Imex delivers, and trains others to deliver, career development, talent management and succession planning workshops and coaching to individuals, schools, corporations and government agencies throughout North America and Europe.