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Creating Customer Loyalty

Customers experience extraordinary service when they feel good about themselves, when they maintain and even enhance their feelings of self-esteem as a result of the interaction that takes place while engaging in business transactions.

Become Less Defensive

Listen Deeply

Service with Intention

Creative Problem-Solving


When you can manage customers’ emotions, you wield enormous power to influence purchasing decisions and customer loyalty.

Research shows that basic emotions, rather than logic and common sense as previously thought, lead to purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. Almost all decisions are based on emotion.

The approach uses experience, not just information. The focus in the moment is on becoming aware of what is actually happening between people, both acknowledged and unacknowledged, and learning to provide service that supports the customer’s positive feelings in real time. This method, and the awareness gained using FIRO® Elements of Awareness instruments, empowers the people who deliver the service to use their full energies and capacities toward creating exceptional experiences for customers, rather than simply giving them a specific list of behaviors they are to do.

This builds alignment and commitment among your service providers, delight among your customers, and results for your business.



    Focus on service to improve bottom line results


    Proven Model

    A model (FIRO theory) of how human emotions drive customer decisions



    Practices to diminish defensiveness and increase customer advocacy


The Human Element in Customer Service consists of three phases:

Bring The Human Element into Your Customer’s Experience

You and the Customer

Applications and Tools

Become a Licensed Practitioner

Judith Bell, MS

Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner™, Co-creator of The Human Element in Customer Service

Judith is founder and president of Rewire Leadership Institute®. A master facilitator, consultant, teacher, and coach, she has created and facilitated personal growth, team development and organizational change seminars, coached executives and teams, facilitated strategic planning for high visibility meetings, and supported culture change for over four decades. She works with a diverse range of companies, from government agencies, non-profits, and Fortune Global 500s to small- and mid-sized family owned businesses. Her clients include NASA, FRTIB, United States Army, the Veterans Administration, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Schwan Food Company, Basin Street Properties, and Restoration Hardware. Judith is known for supporting teams in becoming more efficient and effective by developing people, their relationships, and communication skills.

From 1981 until 2002, Judith worked closely with Will Schutz, Ph.D., the creator of FIRO theory. Considered one of the world’s leading experts, Judith mentors facilitators, coaches, therapists, and other professionals in integrating FIRO theory into their work. In 2002, Will Schutz said, “There is no one whom I trust more to take the theory, my life’s work, expand on it and innovate from it.” It was out of this belief that Judith and her colleague, Gary Copeland, co-developed The Human Element in Customer Service, along with a new instrument to measure customer service attitudes, both of which apply FIRO theory technology to the customer service arena.

Gary Copeland

Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner™, Co-creator of The Human Element in Customer Service

Gary Copeland is an international consultant whose academic background is balanced with over 20 years of managing programs and leading strategic planning efforts. As an Officer of the U. S. Public Health Service Gary directed a national office providing services for 10,000 Indian Health Service professionals. He has provided extensive training in Leadership, Management and Teamwork at the highest levels of multi-national corporations, international service organizations and the U. S. Government.

For 20 years Gary Copeland was an associate, student, and devoted friend of Dr. Will Schutz, creator of FIRO theory and The Human Element. Known for his humor, insights and relaxed teaching style, He has been applying Human Element principles in organizations for over 30 years, and has trained and certified countless consultants in The Human Element methodology. He is co-author of The Human Element in Customer Service. Gary holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development, a Master of Public Health, and a Degree in Pharmacy.


Rewire Leadership consultants love what we do. We are passionate about our message and our approach. Bringing out the best in people, teams, and organizations is a privilege and an honor – one that we take seriously. We do our homework and we walk our talk. We are dedicated to helping you address your challenges using state-of-the-art methods. We also have a lot of fun. Where there is laughter, we know that creative and innovative breakthroughs are plentiful.


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