Practitioner Training | True Alignment®

Imagine being able to offer and provide a truly comprehensive and aligned approach to delivering highly effective and integrated organizational and leadership development.

An approach that aligns the customer experience and brand, with an organization’s culture and the leadership behavior required to reach higher levels of team and enterprise-wide success. This is what the True Alignment (TA) model and the TA tools deliver.

The True Alignment Practitioner Licensing Program will provide you with the framework necessary to explore an organizations level of alignment to discover and deliver the changes and strategic initiatives needed to improve alignment and increase organizational and team results.

Two steps to becoming a True Alignment practitioner

Attend The Human Element program

The program provides a comprehensive introduction to the FIRO Theory foundation of True Alignment and our unique point of view of change in organizations.

Attend the True Alignment Licensing Program

The True Alignment Licensing Program includes the three-day workshop plus ongoing coaching, mentoring, and enrichment.

True Alignment Licensing Program

Key Program Elements:
  • Introduction to True Alignment
  • Focusing on Brand Intention
  • Aligning Culture
  • Aligned Leadership
  • Consulting Skills
  • Team Coaching
  • Assessments & Tools
  • Forward Planning
  • Application of TA at the organization-wide and team levels
  • A framework and process for strategic planning
  • Clarity of value proposition and competitive advantage
  • Alignment of brand strategy and messaging to the customer experience
  • Measurable strategies for cultural alignment
  • Leadership alignment, development, and coaching
  • Individual and team coaching opportunities
  • M&A strategies including due diligence, alignment, and integration
  • Broader application of FIRO Theory and tools
  • Strategies to further the success of your business
  • Higher levels of personal success and satisfaction

Program Agenda

Course Information


True Alignment Practitioner Program participants must have completed The Human Element course prior to attending.


Activities for the course are scheduled to maximize participant learning through active engagement, hands on facilitation practice and feedback.

Time is set aside to discuss real-life cases and consulting approaches using True Alignment.


Schedule | 9:00am to 6:00pm each day.

Tuition | US $5,000, including all materials. Lodging and transportation are separate.

Duration | Three days

Class size | from 8 to 16 people

Locations | Various. We can also provide in-house programs on demand. Please contact us for more information.

Get licensed and begin making organizational transformations