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The Implicit Career Search (ICS) Licensing Program will provide you with the framework necessary to facilitate and coach others toward a truly purposeful and strategic career plan. The Implicit Career Search approach has proven beneficial to individuals at all levels of career transition, and for organizations looking to improve human resource areas such as career laddering, succession, talent acquisition, retention and cost effective management and leadership training.

Career success, both as individuals and within organizations, depends greatly upon the plan that is put in place to achieve it. An Implicit Career Search career plan guides individuals toward a clearer sense of self and purpose before providing them with a strategic vision to release the implicit contribution they wish to make to the world with their career.

All Implicit Career Search programs are based on two assumptions:

  1. Each of us has something unique to contribute to the world
  2. Each of us desires to deliver this contribution.

The Implicit Career Search uses FIRO® Theory (Schutz) to help participants define their contribution and The Career Development Spectrum® (Miller) to deliver it.

Three steps to becoming a practitioner

Attend an Implicit Career Search Workshop

The Implicit Career Search Workshop leads participants through 6 Stages of Career Planning to help them develop a living career plan that will define the contribution they will make through their work and determine the career they will use to deliver that contribution. It is a prerequisite for all Implicit Career Search Practitioners that they have a completed career plan of their own before guiding others to theirs.

You may also accomplish this step by completing an Implicit Career Search Coaching program with an Executive Implicit Career Search Coach or completing the Licensed Human Element Practitioner™ Program.

Practitioner Program

The Implicit Career Search Practitioner Program uses a blend of experiential learning, scientifically validated assessments, practice in facilitating groups and one on one coaching, to provide you with the background and experience necessary to lead others through this process in an elegant and effective delivery style that will be unique to you.

As a career counsellor with over 14 years experience, I have not seen or experienced a workshop as comprehensive, challenging and invigorating as the Implicit Career Search. Whatever you imagine the workshop to be, be prepared to be surprised!

- Chris Ralston Career Practitioner, Victoria BC, Canada


Working with experienced practitioners is the final step in becoming a successful Implicit Career Search Practitioner. This not only gives you the opportunity to observe additional facilitation styles, but also creates a forum to practice and receive feedback.

Upon completion of the course licensed Implicit Career Search Practitioners will be able to:
  • Deliver the Implicit Career Search 6-module course
  • Coach the Implicit Career Search 6-module program
    1. Decision Making
    2. Personal Development
    3. Personal Definition
    4. Career Definition
    5. Career Development
    6. Strategic Career Planning
  • Purchase and use Element B
  • Use Implicit Career Search processes including:
    • The Career Development Spectrum
    • The Career Development Profile
During the course participants learn the Implicit Career Search approach to work and:
  • Improve their facilitation style
  • Improve their coaching ability
  • Increase their own self-awareness as to their abilities as facilitators and coaches
  • Practice guiding others toward their implicit career plans

Who Should Attend

The Implicit Career Search Practitioner Program offers a range of benefits for both internal and external practitioners, and for leaders:

Course Information


Implicit Career Search Practitioner Program participants must have completed either the Implicit Career Search Workshop or Coaching Program prior to attending.

An exception is Licensed Human Element Practitioners do not have to have completed the Implicit Career Search workshop or coaching program, but are encouraged to do so.


Activities for the course are scheduled to maximize participant learning through active engagement, hands on facilitation practice and feedback.

Each day will address one module of the 6-module program, with an overview by the Master Trainer, preparation time in small groups and a presentation by one of the groups.

Each evening participants will work in pairs, coaching each other through the modules of the day.

The course has three tracks addressed simultaneously:

  1. Learning the Implicit Career Search methodology
  2. Learning how to deliver the modules in a workshop format
  3. Learning how to coach individuals through the process.

Schedule | Day 1: 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Days 2-5: 8:00am to 9:00pm

Day 6: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Tuition | US $4,500, including all materials. Lodging and transportation are separate.

Duration | Six days

Class size | from 6 to 12 people

Locations | We can provide in-house programs on demand. Please contact us for more information.

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