Practitioner Training | The Human Element in Customer Service

Licensing in The Human Element in Customer Service (THECS) prepares you to implement The Human Element methodology as it applies to internal and external customers, culture change initiatives, and integrated team efforts.

Applying The Human Element methodology to Customer Service will deepen and expand your ability to address and resolve human issues in the workplace. Just as The Human Element approach is based on the notion that organizational change begins with the individual, the Human Element in Customer Service is based in the belief that great customer relations starts with the customer service provider.

We use an inside out approach. By addressing root causes rather than surface behaviors, this approach helps managers, customer service providers and other personnel eliminate behaviors that sabotage them, undermine relationships, and lower motivation. The result is profound and lasting change…and great customer service.

Becoming a practitioner

For consultants, coaches, managers, and leaders who:

  • Interact with external customers
  • Work on teams
  • Collaborate across teams and divisions
  • Engage in multi-cultural environments
  • Lead Culture change efforts
  • Provide customer service
  • Train others in customer service

After you have completed your Licensed Human Element Practitioner™, you simply complete the Licensing Program for The Human Element in Customer Service.

A corporate license is required for use by consulting, training, and coaching companies and for internal corporate use. Contact us for more information.


Upon successful completion of the course, Licensed Human Element Practitioners are certified to use the content of The Human Element in Customer Service. They may:
  • Deliver The Human Element in Customer Service course (3 day version)
  • Deliver Patient Impact course (2 days)
  • Deliver Client Impact course (2 days)
  • Purchase and use Human Element in Customer Service course workbooks and materials for use in consulting, training, and coaching
  • Purchase and use the FIRO®-based Elements of Awareness instruments called Element CS for Customer Service & PI for Patient Impact
Participants deepen their understanding of and ability to facilitate The Human Element style of group work and:
  • Enhance their facilitation skills
  • Deepen their ability to be accountable, open, honest, and non-defensive while facilitating the work
  • Refine group leadership and process skills
  • Increase their self-awareness and gain a greater ability to identify individual behavioral preferences
  • Deepen their understanding of FIRO® Theory and how to apply it in various areas of practice
  • Practice training participants in the methods for applying these concepts in real learning, coaching, and process improvement activities

Course Information


Activities for the course are scheduled to maximize participant learning through active engagement, hands-on facilitation practice, and feedback.

Each day, several modules are used for the day’s practice and instruction. The course facilitator provides information about the various modules, their purpose, and design. Small groups spend time to plan presentations for the various modules, which are delivered in the afternoon to the other members of the group. Following delivery, workshop participants and the facilitator provide feedback.


Schedule | 9:00am to 7:00pm each day.

Tuition | US $1,600, including all materials. Lodging and transportation are separate.

Duration | Two days

Class size | from 9 to 24 people

Locations | San Francisco area, California and New York City area, New York upon demand. We can also provide in-house programs for nine or more participants. Please contact us for more information.

Get licensed and begin making organizational transformations