FIRO Elements of Awareness – old

The backbone of The Human Element approach for organizational transformation

An integrated series of instruments designed to measure various aspects of human functioning and human relationships.


understand personal motivation
and behavior

Element B: Behavior (originally FIRO-B)
Element F: Feelings (originally FIRO-F)
Element J: Job Fit
Element S: Self-Concept
Element E: Self-Esteem
Element E: Self-Esteem (leader)


resolve problems and
improve working relationships

Element W: Work Relations
Element T: Openness (Truth)


identify and resolve
organizational issues

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Element B: Behavior is a psychometric assessment based on FIRO theory, created by Will Schutz, Ph.D. It measures preferences for interpersonal behavior in the areas of Inclusion, Control, and Openness and provides a measure of the difference between perceived and wanted behaviors.

The primary purpose of Element B is to provide information for expanding self-awareness. People use Element B to:

  • become more effective leaders and managers
  • assist in executive coaching
  • facilitate the development of high performing teams
  • build collaborative skills and resolve conflict
  • improve customer service
  • improve personal and interpersonal effectiveness

Integral to The Human Element approach

Will Schutz created Element B as part of his comprehensive methodology for addressing the human issues in organizations, called The Human Element. In addition to Element B, The Human Element uses several other FIRO-based instruments called The Elements of Awareness, and a variety of experiential methods to form a transformational learning experience that leads to profound improvements in individual, team, and organizational performance.

A Unique Instrument-based Training Approach

The primary purpose of Element B is to provide information for expanding self-awareness. Increased self-awareness improves your understanding of why you behave in the way that you do and allows you to be more effective as a leader, manager or team member. Rather than telling you the answers or what they think you should do, Element B practitioners create an environment where you assess your own scores and make your own interpretation — helping you to create your own knowledge of what the scores mean for you right now. Element B does not measure fixed traits or attempt to classify you into a particular category or style — it is not an evaluation. There are no “good” or “bad” scores.

Element B-based training helps people:

  • focus on understanding human behavior and interaction to solve problems rather than assign blame.
  • understand how people function and help them to recognize the relations between each pattern of behavior and its consequences in the work environment.
  • become totally aware of their own behavior patterns and consequences. The enemy is self-deception. Once you decrease your self-deception and are self-aware, whatever you do is your conscious choice.
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Element B Coaching uses FIRO Theory to help you understand your behavior by breaking it down into three components:

Inclusion—amount of interaction—the area concerned with achieving the desired amount of contact with people

Control—structure of interaction—the area concerned with achieving the desired amount of control over others

Openness—depth of interaction—the area concerned with achieving just the desired amount of openness with others

Coaching helps you explore the similarities and differences you share with others, and how we tend to get in our way.

Moreover, Element B coaching shows how you see others through the lens of your own preferences. It helps you explore the degree to which your behavior is rigid or flexible in order to maximize your interpersonal effectiveness.

Training with Teams

Understanding how teams and relationships work is helpful in solving problems and improving output. A popular myth in organizations is that there is not time to deal with personal relationships. There are deadlines, bottom lines and goals to meet—and they take priority.

Ignoring personal problems in favor of “practical matters” is organizational self-deception. When interpersonal problems exist and are not dealt with, the productivity of the organization inevitably suffers. It is more true to say that organizations cannot afford not to take the time to deal with relations between people.

Element B training with teams helps members give non-defensive behavioral feedback. Teams can also evaluate how members relate to each other in the way their behavioral aspects (inclusion, control and openness) influence the team’s atmosphere, as well as how the their behaviors can affect the compatibility of their roles. The training provides the useful information for teams to find solutions to accurately measure their compatibility and increase productivity.

The Element B Certification course is held on-demand. Contact us for more information.

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The course will certify you to use Element B: Behavior, as well as provide you with an introduction to The Human Element® approach, a comprehensive body of work designed to improve individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.

Who Should Attend

Human resource managers, consultants, and executive coaches who want to use Element B for individual and team applications or who want an introduction to the FIRO-based Elements of Awareness and The Human Element approach.

Day 1: Participation

  • Experience an Element B workshop as participants.
  • Principles for using Element B results
  • Behavior awareness activities
  • Element B
  • Interpretation of Element B
  • Activities using Element B in teams

Day 2: Certification

  • Practice facilitating Element B.
  • Practice presentations of principles and instrument
  • Coaching practice using Element B Individual Workbook
  • Background and theoretical underpinnings of instrument
  • Applications
  • Next steps


  • Learn to use Element B for individual coaching and improving relationships
  • Gain skills to use Element B for team composition and diagnosis
  • Increase their own self-awareness
  • Gain greater ability to identify individual behavioral preferences
  • Acquire working knowledge of FIRO theory
  • Understand the differences between Element B and FIRO-B® Workshop Agenda

Tuition | $800

Duration | 2 days

Class Size | 4-24

Contact Us | Send us an email

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The Element B Certification course is held on-demand. Contact us for more information.