Improving Business Results through the
Development of Human Performance

Who We Are

The Schutz Company provides proprietary methodologies and licensing for consultants, trainers, coaches, and OD/HR professionals. Our methodologies have been proven over 40 years of practical use and lead to the improvement of business results through the development of human performance. We focus on leadership, teambuilding, and development of skills to help people work better together.

Our solutions focus on increasing candor and accountability in organizations. Through the use of scientifically validated assessment tools and experiential adult learning methods, our practitioners create conditions in which people bring their full intelligence, energies, and passion to their work and reduce unproductive behaviors.

Our methodologies complement and greatly increase the effectiveness of many organizational initiatives including quality, strategic planning, execution, retention, performance improvement, restructuring, and customer satisfaction.

We create cultures that bring out the best in people

Our methodology has been used by: